How to Unclog a Bathroom Drain

When most people first get out of bed, there is nothing more upsetting than discovering a clogged bathroom sink drain. Why not first determine whether the issue is limited to the sink or if it is affecting other fixtures as well, before you start shouting things that you really don’t want the kids to hear?

Your bathtub’s faucet should be turned on and left running for a few seconds. If it appears to be draining normally, the issue is probably limited to the sink drain. However, if the bathtub is also having trouble draining, your main sewer pipes may be the source of the issue ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΗΛΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΕΙΑ.

Let’s assume that the sink is the only fixture having a problem for the sake of this discussion. You have three simple options in this situation to unclog the drain.

The quickest (and simplest) method is to use a traditional plunger. Everyone possesses (or ought to possess) this, and it usually solves issues quickly.

Of course, you could also give one of the numerous liquid or gel drain cleaners, which are typically sold in stores. I must admit that when I was battling a completely clogged pipe, I didn’t have much luck with these. I believe that the outcomes are minimal at best.

However, I should point out that some of these products work really well to keep drains open. We use one in each drain in our home once a month, and we now hardly ever experience clogging.

The only other option is to manually remove and clean the drain pipes if neither of these approaches works. The majority of the time, the blockage will be in the “drain trap” located directly beneath the sink drain. This “U”-shaped pipe joins the main drain with the sink drain pipe.

Basically, you’ll need to remove the trap and clear the clog using a tool of some sort. Using a straightened-out wire coat hanger has yielded positive results for me.

Although removing the trap might appear to be a difficult task, I can assure you that it is actually very simple. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, and you can probably complete it with materials you already have lying around your home.

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