Guide to High Security Locks

As a mobile locksmith, I deal with a variety of clients on a daily basis. Others call because they have recently moved into a new home and want to replace their locks, while others call because they need emergency service because they have either locked themselves out or misplaced their keys. However, we have been getting more “educated” customers lately. One should be educated about a few things before replacing their locks because a lock is a generic term, just like a car is. You don’t just purchase any car; you select one that meets your needs and has a good value. The lock on your front door should function similarly to protect you, your belongings, and your loved ones ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ ΠΑΛΑΙΟ ΦΑΛΗΡΟ.

When I see a customer, 95% of the time, I am not surprised to see that their home has the same “standard” locks that almost everyone has. Some of these locks are even made of plastic, which is the cheapest material available! The average cost of these locks at the major hardware retailers is only $5. This is fantastic for me as an emergency locksmith because it makes it very easy for me to open any customer’s door. How about a thief? Does he also have it easy? There is no doubt about it. Yes!

High security locks come into play here. Mul-T-Lock is the high security brand that we carry at A & A. This brand, which has a longstanding reputation, offers the best security for any homeowner or business owner. So what makes these locks so unique? First off, they are made of solid brass rather than hollow tin like your typical common lock, so the construction quality is excellent. One of the most popular products we sell, the deadbolt, has a bolt that retracts a full inch inside your door frame. Additionally, even with a crow bar, it would be challenging to pry open this bolt due to the ball bearings on both sides of it that interlock with the frame. To prevent drilling the lock, steel inserts have been strategically placed. In order to avoid “ice picking,” which entails inserting something between the lock and the door in order to manipulate the mechanism, the entire mechanism is protected by a metal cover. Even if it were possible to pick this lock, it would take great skill and very specialised tools.

The fact that these high security locks are resistant to the infamous bump key is one of their most crucial features. These locks will resist attempts to pick them and bump key them, in contrast to the majority of common locks. Telescopic pins, which are actually two pins nestled inside one another, are used in place of regular pins in the cylinders.

Of course, the keys for these high security locks are another unique feature. Only the lock’s owner is able to make additional copies of the keys. You will receive a unique card, resembling a credit card, when you buy a high security lock. Following your signature on the back of this card, you will only be able to duplicate your key by showing it to an authorised dealer along with a photo ID going forward. This refers to key control. Giving your babysitter or housekeeper a key is safe because you can be sure that no unauthorised copies have been made once they return your key. You can rest easy knowing that there aren’t any duplicates of your keys circulating. This is also fantastic for business owners who want to guarantee that they are the only ones with access to their office or store.

We can provide you with this high security solution for virtually any setup you may have thanks to the variety of locks and cylinders; in other words, we can retrofit a lot of unusual lock mechanisms with a high security cylinder.

Last but not least, the lifetime mechanical warranty that is included with these locks just goes to show how confident the manufacturer is in the dependability of their goods. These locks are undoubtedly more expensive than your typical lock in terms of price, but most common locks also don’t provide very much security. The majority of break-ins are not carried out by professionals and are typically random, but if someone is really determined to break into your property, they will likely succeed. According to statistics, the majority of common burglars will leave if they can’t get inside in under two minutes. If you’re thinking, “Well, I have an alarm system,” remember that having an alarm system is only beneficial if you want to file an insurance claim for your stolen goods. An alarm system won’t help protect you and your loved ones; good security starts with a good lock.
In conclusion, high security locks provide the following benefits:

  • Outstanding build quality
  • Able to fend off most forced entry assaults
  • Will fend off any lock-picking attempts
  • Almost Bump Proof

Key Control: You alone have the authority to authorise copies of your key.

Flexibility: Most lock mechanisms can accommodate a wide range of cylinders.

life-time mechanical warranty

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