The Best Places to Store Food

You should plan where you will store all of that food before beginning your food storage programme. The surroundings must be ideal, there must be plenty of space, and it must be in a convenient location. Find a location in your house that you can use to store food by taking a look around. Be innovative. It might be necessary to rearrange some items Food Near Me.

The ideal circumstances

Temperature. The ideal temperature range for food is between 40 and 60 degrees F. In the summer, maintaining your thermostat at 60 degrees or lower may put a strain on your electric bill (and your skin), but keep it as cool as you can bear. The temperature should also remain constant. The nutritional value of your food can be ruined by variations in temperature.
Humidity. Your food will spoil much more quickly as a result. Store food away from the dryer, water heater, kitchen, bathroom, and any other area with water.
Sunlight. You must keep your food in a dim area. Not just a room with poor lighting, but also a closet or a location without windows You must keep your food out of the sun’s direct rays. Never store food in transparent glass or plastic containers.
Enough Room

Depending on how many people live in your home, your food storage area should be spacious in addition to meeting the necessary requirements. Consider this: How much food do you purchase in a week and how much room does that require? multiplying it by 52 now. Your food could easily fill up a sizable walk-in closet, even with careful packing.


Ideally, you won’t need to eat in order to survive because food does not last indefinitely. You’ll have to rotate through it if you’re not, though. As they say, “Eat what you store, and store what you eat.” This implies that your food should be readily available. Your storage food will likely go bad if you have to travel to the opposite end of your home, navigate through a number of doors, and dig through a mountain of clothes and boxes. This is money that is being wasted. Instead, install shelves in a room close to the kitchen where you keep your food to make it easier to find what you need.


It’s crucial that you avoid leaving food out in the open. People will recall the man who had a room full of extra food when SHTF. It will be difficult and dangerous to turn people away, so it’s better if no one, not even close friends, are aware that you have extra food in the first place. Your food won’t last a week if even one of your friends finds out about your supply because he’s likely to tell a dozen others and spread the word. Ensure that your food is stored in a locked space that a house guest cannot access. Only those intended to consume the food should be aware that it is present.

Potential Sites

Consider all of this as you look at these places. Depending on where you live, some of them aren’t typically ideal places for food storage. See if the circumstances are ideal.

the cellar. lovely and cool Keep an eye out for furnaces and dryer vents.
below the stairs Consider adding shelves and hooks.
Closets. Another location where shelves can be added. Having a lock on the door is a good idea.
utility space If it has excellent ventilation, this might be acceptable; otherwise, the heat and moisture from your washer and dryer might be an issue.
the dining room. Go for it if you have a tonne of cupboard space! Simply avoid using the cabinets next to the sink, refrigerator, or oven (if there are any such cupboards in your kitchen).
beneath the bed. Find some totes with wheels that are the right size to slide underneath your bed by measuring the height of your bed from the floor.
inside end or coffee tables. A large chest can be used as a coffee table, and an end table can be made out of a bucket with a cloth draped over it.
a garage. Unless you keep it closed and the temperature stays constant, it’s typically a bad place.
the loft. Unless it is well-insulated and the temperature is constant, it is also a bad location. Probably too inconvenient.
You’ll be prepared to begin stocking up once you’ve decided on a suitable location for your food. There is no justification for delaying it any longer. Good fortune!

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